7 Astrology Facts You Should Be Aware Of

7 Astrology Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Here are nine things you should know about celestial divination, which people in the past used.


Astrology is a kind of divination that uses the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets to predict what will happen on Earth and in people’s lives. Many ancient cultures used some astrology, but the oldest came from Mesopotamia around 2000 BC, when the Old Babylonian period began. Some types of astrology say the stars show the divine will of a God or creators, and others say the world is completely mechanical.


When astrology is used to look at people’s birth, natal astrology can help people figure out how their lives will go. Because the universe is connected, the idea is that astronomical bodies affect babies who are born. Genealogy breaks down into three main groups: general, autarchic, and interrogatory, which are the main ones.

General or “mundane” astrology looks at how important celestial events affect groups of people, countries, or all of humanity. Using autarchic or electional astrology, you can determine if a chosen time and place is good for a certain type of action.

What is “horary astrology”? Interrogatory or horary astrology gives people answers to their questions, usually through “chart readings” based on how the celestial bodies were aligned when they asked the questions.

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People who believe in astrology

People who believe in astrology say that each sign in the zodiac corresponds to a certain type of person. They also think people can be characterized by the zodiac sign that was rising when they were born. People who believe in astrology say that people born simultaneously can have different personalities because they have different traits from different zodiac signs. For example, “born on the Gemini Cancer cusp” means that someone has the same traits as someone born at the same time.

People who believe in astrology often choose which zodiac traits they think fit their real personality and ignore those that don’t. This is similar to how people who believe in the Enneagram pick and choose which traits they think fit their real personality and ignore those that don’t.


People who use horoscopes, or “view of the hour,” to figure out what a person is like or what their future might be, use a chart of astronomical bodies called a horoscope. This chart shows the situation of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, and the ascendant and middle heaven signs of the zodiac at a specific time. Most horoscopes are shown in the form of a circle divided into 12 parts, called houses. Like the ones found in newspapers, the most popular horoscopes are based on the Solar House or Sun–Sign system, which most people use. People started reading horoscopes when they started to be printed in the newspaper in the 1930s.

Biblical prophets

Astrology is mentioned in the Bible by several biblical prophets. The first time the Bible talks about astrology is in Isaiah 47:13 (NIV), where it says:

All the advice you’ve been given has worn you out, so you can’t keep up.

Let your astrologers, the people who look at the stars and make predictions month by month, help you. They can help you avoid what is going to happen to you soon.

He also called in magicians, enchanters, sorcerers, and people who read the stars to tell him what he had dreamed about in Daniel 2:2. Astrologers may also have been mentioned in Jeremiah 8:2. “They will be shown the sun, moon, and stars of heaven that they have adored and served and consulted and worshiped.” Because as a form of preparatory divination, Leviticus 19:26 appears to say that it is against the law to use it.

Astrology Survey

In 2018, Pew Research did a survey and found that almost one in three adults in the United States believes in astrology. More than one in four Christians believe in astrology, even though it’s against the teachings of orthodox Christianity. This includes 24% of Protestants and 33% of Catholics. They are tied with agnostics as the least likely group to believe in astrology. People who go to historically black churches are the second most likely group to believe in astrology, after people who say their religion is “nothing in particular” at 34%.

Astrology in the Western world

There are many various paths and ideas about how to do things. Some people separate astrology by what they want to happen:

Mundane Astrology is a kind of astrology used to analyze global events and make forecasts regarding national affairs, wars, and the economy.

An astrology branch called Interrogatory Astrology can be broken down even further. Still, it usually refers to astrology that tries to make predictions or analyses about a person’s goals or events in their life.

The majority of individuals think about astrology when they think of their birth charts. Based on when a person was born, Natal Astrology makes predictions and looks at things like how a person will act. It’s established on the idea that everything that happens to something is shown at the start, which is called the Law of Beginnings.

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