7 Ways To Find Acceptance For Your Shadow Self

7 Ways To Find Acceptance For Your Shadow Self

“Shadow Self” often conjures a scary image of something lurking just outside sight. There isn’t anything to be afraid of, even though it’s called the “shadow self.” This is your “shadow self.” This is the part of you that you don’t show anyone. As soon as you learn to love your shadow, you can love yourself.

The shadow self is a picture of our darker sides. Examples of the shadow self, finding your shadow, and what to do with it are all here.

What is the Shadow Self?

In the 1960s, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the word “shadow” to describe the portion of the human mind that isn’t visible to the naked eye, and it has since been widely used. The portion of ourselves that we are unable to see. Those closest to us do not see the version of ourselves that we portray to our friends, family, and even those who follow us on social media.

That is not to say that our shadow self is necessarily a negative person. Our personal development will always be a work in progress. When we work on our shadow selves, we have the opportunity to learn and develop as individuals. To love your shadow is to love yourself in its entirety.

Each of us possesses a “shadow self,” another version of ourselves. Listed below are seven techniques for locating and identifying your shadow self.

Getting to know your “Shadow Self.”

Make sure your 12th house is safe.

What sign rules the 12th house in your birth chart is your “shadow.” It could be that your shadow self is your inner critic if Virgo is in charge of the 12th house of your body.

Make a list of the qualities you dislike in others.

Grab a piece of paper, and write down the things that bother you about other people. Gossips? People, who hold on to things? Write them down. Often, we don’t realize that we have some of the same traits as the people we don’t like. This list is a glimpse into your “shadow self.”

Tarot card reading

When you’re not sure, ask the cards. To find the dark parts of yourself, do a Tarot reading. Do a card pull to find your shadow. It doesn’t matter which card you choose. It’s your shadow. A Tarot reader could also give you a shadow self-reading.

Analyzing Your First Thoughts

It’s said that your first reactions show who you are, but that’s not true. Instead, your first reactions show your “shadow self.” Take a look at how you act when hurt, angry, or have a bad thought. That’s your shadow.

Keeping a journal

When you write down what you think, you can learn more about your “shadow self.” To talk to your shadow self through the pen, you can free-write. Please don’t push the words; let them flow through you.

Self Portrait in the Dark

It’s also feasible to take a picture of your shadow self. Get out your favorite art supplies, close your eyes, and start drawing. Don’t think about drawing any one thing or even how it looks. The greatest thing is following your instincts and letting your hand do the rest.

Inviting Your Inner Critic

Welcome your shadow sometimes. When you meditate, open your arms, and say, “I welcome my shadow self,” you let your dark side in. I want to learn more about you.

Acknowledgment of Your Shadow Self

People believe it is simple to accept one’s shadow selves. In practice, though, it is far more difficult. The implication is that we should look at, accept, and even appreciate the aspects of ourselves that we dislike. People who engage in shadow work may better understand how to love and accept themselves. Remember that your shadow isn’t all terrible; they have a lot to teach you about yourself.

How do you maintain command of your shadow self?

The most effective method of dealing with your shadow self is to become aware of it and acknowledge it. Practicing heedfulness may assist you in being more conscious of your negative thoughts and so begin to modify your behavior.

What precisely is shadow work?

When doing shadow work, you must be conscious of and confront your shadow self. If you want to perform shadow work, you may meditate or write in a self-reflective diary. Affirmations and even spells may be used to achieve your goals.

How can I begin shadowing?

As with any self-discovery, the first step is to be willing to look at the feature of yourself that you don’t like. When you can cope with being uncomfortable, shadow work may begin in earnest.

Shadow labor is very risky.

“In no way, shape, or form.” Working in the shadows is completely risk-free. You aren’t dealing with demons or monsters, at least not for now. You’re coping with the aspects of yourself that are concealed from view.

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