What is a forest habitat?

Plants and animals live in a habitat.

A habitat gives shelter.

A habitat has what they need.

A forest is a habitat.

Animals live in a forest.

A forest has trees and plants.

Forest Plants and Animals

It is summer.

Animals can get food.

Animals can get water.

Plants can get sun.

Plants can get water.

It is winter.

How did the forest change?

Plants get less sun.

Some trees drop their leaves.

It is hard for some animals to find food.

What is a wetland habitat?

A wetland is a habitat.

A wetland is covered with water.

Animals live in a wetland.

Plants live in a wetland.

A wetland has what they need.

What is an ocean habitat?

An ocean is a habitat.

An ocean has salt water.

Plants live in an ocean.

Animals live in an ocean.

An ocean has what they need.

What is a desert habitat?

A desert is a habitat.

A desert is very dry.

A desert gets a lot of sun.

Plants and animals live in a desert.

This animal lives in a desert.

It needs very little water.

Plants live in many habitats.

Animals live in many habitats.

Plants and animals get what they need in their habitats.


desert = a habitat that is very dry

forest = a habitat that has many trees

habitat = a place where plants and animals live

ocean = a habitat that has salt water

wetland = a habitat that is covered with water

What did you learn?

1. What do plants and animals get from their habitats?

2. How are a desert and an ocean alike? How are they different?

3. Writing in Science: The forest changes in winter. Write to explain some of the changes. Use words from the book as you write.

4. Picture Clues: Look at the pictures on page 5. Use picture clues to tell one animal that lives in the forest.

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