The 9 Significant Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Cares For You

The 9 Significant Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Cares For You

You can still tell that your twin flame is thinking about you even if you can’t tell how they feel. Here are any clues that your twin flame is still thinking about you.

A twin flame relationship can be exciting, enlightening, and even painful. If you can’t be with your twin flame, it can be hard to know where they stand with you. People from Tarot By Maisy, Xavier Villanova, talked to us about this complicated relationship, and we learned a lot from him.

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Twin Flame?

In Villanova’s words, “a twin flame is formed when two people from different parts of the same life force connect deeply.”

Many people think of twin flame relationships as “mirror souls.” This is because they help you see the dark parts of yourself. Your twin flame is there to help you, not make you whole. You’re not even tight to be the same. This means that you won’t even have the same tastes in music, food, or clothes because what you are is complementary.

They say this kind of relationship can be like the one you have with a brother or sister, but it’s not the same. You have the same clothes, blood, and soul, but you are not one.

The separation of the twin flames

In this case, twin flames must separate from each other to grow. It’s all about being able to be who you are, Villanova says.

Twin flames don’t go their separate ways, even though it’s sad to think about a life without them.

Time and space have no application to twin flame relationships because you’re only apart physically, but your souls are just one.

Signs of love

Here are a few cases where your twin flame is still with you even though you can’t be together romantically or live far apart.

You can tell they are there

When they’re with you, you can feel the electricity. They aren’t with you, so why would it be different when they aren’t? Their “presence” is likely to make you feel calm and safe. You might even think of them.

They look like you

They are there to assist you in learning more about yourself. So, their actions might make you think about the parts of yourself that need to change.

People might do the same things even if they’re not together, like a post on Facebook at the same time.

They made you go through a hell of a time

When twin flames work together with the best, Villanova says, “this is what they do best.” The no choice to get through the pain is to find a solution where you aren’t strong.

People who aren’t in a relationship aren’t together because their past was bad. This might help: A person who is passionate about something is in love with that person. People get angry, fight, and have tension because someone cares. With that thought in care, you can look back on those times with the thought that this was a karmic life moral in progress.

Dream about them

If you fantasize about your twin flame, you can be sure that they think about you. In other words, even though the communication is going on in the background, it’s still going on. It’s also possible that they’ve dreamed about you that night.

You recall them at inconvenient times

During the day, you might think about your twin flame. Why? Because they may have been thinking about you! Here, you can see twin flame telepathy at its very best.

Keep coming back to each other

They never fully separate, no matter how long it’s been. They always have each other in their thoughts. Then, maybe once in a while, we’ll meet up again.

So, twin flames tell the truth. When it comes to telling you things, you don’t want to hear, like “I love you enough to let you go,” Villanova says. But it can also be despicable that they find peace in reconnecting and can do so without feeling attached to them, which is another way to say it.

You found ideas from them

It might be complex for some people to understand, but your twin flame is also here to help you, even if it means they have to follow their dreams somewhere else. Villanova says this.

You will be changed even if you don’t end up together. Even if you had to break up because of mental health issues, you might be an advocate for those mental health issues in the long run. Your twin flame opens up parts of you that you didn’t know before.

You start to feel very strong emotions right away

This could signify that your twin flame is very excited about something far from you.

A twin flame may also be very excited about you. There could be a desire to be with them, sadness that things didn’t work out, or hope that you’ll meet one day again.

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