We Can! 5 by Yoko Matsuka

We Can! 5 by Yoko Matsuka

Learning English in an environment where it’s not needed can be a daunting task. However, We Can! 5 offers a solution. We Can! 5 is an online platform that provides students with the opportunity to learn English through interactive activities and games.

It also helps students develop their language proficiency by providing them with resources such as audio and video recordings, quizzes, and tests. With We Can! 5, students can learn English in an environment where they don’t need it, allowing them to gain confidence in their ability to communicate in the language.

By Yoko Matsuka

We Can! 5 is a program that provides an effective curriculum, a good teacher, and quality teaching material to help students excel in the classroom. Through this program, we strive to create an environment where students can learn effectively and develop their skills to become successful individuals.

We believe that by providing a good curriculum, a good teacher, and good teaching material, we can help our students reach their highest potential. We also believe that by creating an atmosphere of support and collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents and the community at large, we can ensure our students are getting the best education possible.

We Can! Unique Features

  • Easy to Evaluate: The 384 goals make progress easy to see for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Spiral Curriculum: Students constantly recycle and reuse previously learned language.
  • English for Real Communication: Students use English in a real, practical way inside and outside the classroom.
  • Rhythm and Pronunciation: Students master rhythm and pronunciation skills through songs, chants, movement, drama, and role-plays.
  • Balanced Use of Phonics: Students learn good pronunciation and to read and write on their own.
  • Expansion of Discourse: Students develop language competence beyond the sentence level with carefully designed, fun, experience-based activities, and real interactions.
  • An Interactive Website: www.wecanenglishclub.com will offer electronic communication in English with friends around the world.


 At each level

• Student Book + Student CD

• Workbook + Student CD

• Flashcards

• Posters (10 per level)

• Class Audio CD

• Teacher’s Guide (English version)

• Teacher’s Guide (Japanese version)


• Phonics Workbooks 1-3

• Phonics 1-3 Teacher’s Guide

• Songs and Chants CD

Syllabus By Units and Topics


Typing Fun

Our Friends From Around the World

Are You a Good English Speaker?

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Unit 1: What Are You Interested In?

  • Listening and Grammar: I (opened the web browser) this morning. I (saved the file) yesterday. I (clicked on the link) last night.
    • browser, email, screen, keyboard, mouse, file, website, link
  • Speaking and Conversation:
    • What can you do with a computer?
    • I can (send email) and (look up information).
  • Writing for Other People: My Online Profile Message Game
  • Reading and Thinking: The Amazing Story of J.K. Rowling, Part 1

Unit 2: Heroes

  • Listening and Grammar:
    • Where have you been? I’ve been to … to …
    • What did you do there?
    • I (discovered gravity when an apple fell on my head).
    • I (invented the first light bulb).
    • Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Genghis Khan, Cleopatra, Mari Antoinette, Henry Ford
  • Speaking and Conversation: (The Internet) was invented in (1969).
    • cell phone, Internet, email, CD, DVD, World Wide Web (www), MP3 player, PC (personal computer)
  • Writing for Other People:
    • Email Writing: My Hero / Heroine
    • Email Exchange
  • Reading and Thinking: The Amazing Story of J.K. Rowling, Part 2
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Unit 3: The Big Wide World

  • Listening and Grammar:
    • What’s the weather like today?
    • What’s the (highest / lowest) temperature today?
    • sunny, cloudy, rainy, foggy, snow, thunder, typhoon, tornado
  • Speaking and Conversation:
    • When it’s (9 a.m.) in (Tokyo), it’s (7 a.m.) in (Bangkok).
    • The (lowest) temperature will be (-40° C).
  • Writing for Other People:
    • How Does the Weather Make You Feel? On a (sunny) day, I feel (happy) and I want to (go for a walk).
  • Reading and Thinking: Titanic, Part 1
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Review 1: Units 1-3

Unit 4: I’m Really Excited About …

  • Listening and Grammar:
    • What’s it made of?
    • What are they made of?
    • Little kids: puzzles, games, songs, cartoons, comic books,
    • video games, pets, Mom & Dad
    • Big kids: sports, computers, friends, cartoons, cell phones, music, websites, email
    • A (book) is made of (paper).
    • (Yogurt) is made from (milk).
  • Speaking and Conversation:
    • What Do You Want to Do Better This Year? I want to (write more neatly).
  • Writing for Other People: The Most Popular Kids’ Interests
    • I’m interested in (sports).
    • I’m most interested in (making things).
    • Write an Email
  • Reading and Thinking: Titanic, Part 2

Unit 5: If …

  • Listening and Grammar:
    • Song: Hush, Little Baby
    • Rhyming words: down – town, shine – five – dime,
    • word – bird, broke – goat, sing – ring
  • Speaking and Conversation:
    • Funny If …
    • If you could (live anywhere), where would you (live)?
    • I’d (live under the sea).
  • Writing for Other People:
    • Serious If …
    • If I could be (a doctor), I’d (help many sick people).
  • Reading and Thinking: Romeo and Juliet, Part 1

Unit 6: Party Time

  • Listening and Grammar: Will / Would / Could / Can you …?
  • Yes, I will / No, I won’t / Yes, I can / No, I can’t because …
  • Speaking and Conversation: Party Talk
  • Writing for Other People: Invitation to a Barbecue Party
    • My Party Invitation
  • Reading and Thinking: Romeo and Juliet, Part 2
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Review 2: Units 4-6

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Unit 7: Adventures

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: A Sailor Went to Sea
    • astronaut, sailor, diver
    • Famous adventurers: Christopher Columbus, Amelia Earhart, Edmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong
  • Speaking and Conversation: Great Adventures
    • Comparative and superlative adjectives
    • (high, higher, the highest)
    • I want to (climb the highest mountain).
  • Writing for Other People:
    • If I Went to Space, I’d …
    • If I went to space, I’d go to (Mars) so I could (look for aliens).
    • An Adventure Email
  • Reading and Thinking: Art Adventures: An Interview with Yayoi Kusama

Unit 8: Friends Around the World

  • Listening and Grammar:
    • Song: When the Saints Go Marching In
    • When …, I want to …
    • butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles, cicadas, bees, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, worms, ants flying, creeping, crawling, jumping, slithering
  • Speaking and Conversation: Meeting Friends From Around the World
    • Country names
  • Writing for Other People: Things I Want to Know About You
    • Make Your Personal
    • Information Profile
  • Reading and Thinking: Art Adventures: Edward Lear

Review 3: Units 7-8

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Grammar Plus Units 1-8

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Verb Conjugations

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We Can! 3 Word list

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