We Can! 6 by Yoko Matsuka

We Can! 6 by Yoko Matsuka

We Can! 6 is a unique method of teaching English that helps students learn in an environment where they don’t need it. As students clear the goals, one by one, they will naturally learn English.

In We Can! 6, students are grouped into small groups of four or five people and given a goal to achieve. The group then works together to solve this problem together, but the reward for completing the goal is not getting an answer right – instead, it’s helping everyone else understand why their answers are correct or wrong.

In this way, We Can! 6 helps students understand how language works and how mistakes can be made when writing essays or speaking in front of an audience. The program also teaches them how to think critically about language problems by making them aware of their own mistakes as well as those of their peers.

By Yoko Matsuka

We Can! 6 is a new, exciting, and unique goal-oriented seven-level series for elementary students by one of Asia’s leaders in teaching English to children. In We Can! 6 by Yoko Matsuka provides the means for developing the three indispensable elements for success in English —a good curriculum, a good teacher, and good teaching material.

It is taught using an innovative method that allows students to practice independently while providing them with constant feedback from their teacher. The result is that students will be able to master the skills needed for academic and social success at an early age.

The book contains clear explanations of grammar points as well as numerous exercises designed to help students practice these concepts. The exercises are organized into various categories according to their level of difficulty so that even beginners can master them quickly.

We Can! 6 provides teachers with step-by-step instructions for teaching each lesson, including how to prepare materials and how to conduct class discussions. It also includes tips on how to improve student motivation and learning outcomes through peer tutoring sessions.

We Can! Unique Features

  • Easy to Evaluate: The 384 goals make progress easy to see for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Spiral Curriculum: Students constantly recycle and reuse previously learned language.
  • English for Real Communication: Students use English in a real, practical way inside and outside the classroom.
  • Rhythm and Pronunciation: Students master rhythm and pronunciation skills through songs, chants, movement, drama, and role plays.
  • Balanced Use of Phonics: Students learn good pronunciation and to read and write on their own.
  • Expansion of Discourse: Students develop language competence beyond the sentence level with carefully designed, fun, experience-based activities, and real interactions.
  • An Interactive Website: www.wecanenglishclub.com will offer electronic communication in English with friends around the world.


 At each level

  • Student Book + Student CD
  • Workbook + Student CD
  • Flashcards
  • Posters (10 per level)
  • Class Audio CD
  • Teacher’s Guide (English version)
  • Teacher’s Guide (Japanese version)


  • Phonics Workbooks 1-3
  • Phonics 1-3 Teacher’s Guide
  • Songs and Chants CD

Syllabus By Units and Topics


Typing Fun

Are You a Good English Speaker?

Wonders of the World


Unit 1: My Pet Is My Best Friend

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: I Have a Pet
    • I have a pet dog. He’s (young) and (noisy).
    • Adjectives: young / old, dirty / clean, fat / thin, loud / quiet, short / long, nice / mean, cute, naughty, clever, hungry, smart / smarter / the smartest, playful / more playful / the most playful
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Amazing Facts About Working Dogs
    • seeing-eye dogs, sniffer dogs, sheepdogs
  • Writing and Presentation: Possible Pets
    • reptiles, fish, birds, big pets, wild animals
    • Essay: Pets I Want and Don’t Want
  • Reading and Thinking: Shiro the Amazing Sea Dog
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Unit 2: My Free Time

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: Once I Caught a Fish Alive
    • Did you (see a movie) last week? Yes, I (saw a movie) last week. No, I didn’t (see a movie) last week.
    • Past tense verbs: caught, played, read, went
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Top Kids’ Movies of All Time
    • Have you seen (Star Wars)? Yes, I have. / Yes, I’ve seen (Star Wars). No, I haven’t seen (Star Wars).
    • Types of movies: suspense / adventure / fantasy / action movie, documentary, cartoon
  • Writing and Presentation: Amazing Facts About Kids’ Free Time
    • Essay Writing: TV and Me
  • Reading and Thinking: My Journal: Snowboarding with Dad
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Unit 3: The Three Rs

  • Listening and Grammar: Rap: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Rap
    • Modal verbs:
    • You have to / should / must (use more solar energy).
    • You shouldn’t / mustn’t (waste water).
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Amazing Facts About Garbage
    • paper, yard waste, food, plastics, metals, rubber, leather, cloth, glass, wood
  • Writing and Presentation: Help Us Help the Environment!
    • Environmental Action
    • Poster
  • Reading and Thinking: Global Warming
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Review 1: Units 1-3

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Unit 4: Wonderful People

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: You Are My Sunshine
    • Personal pronouns: I, my, me / you, your, you / he, his, him / she, her / it, its / we, our, us / they, their, them
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Amazing Facts About the Human Body
    • You have about 3 liters of blood in your body.
    • How many times a minute does your heart beat?
  • Writing and Presentation: What Are You Good At?
    • Blog Post: My Strong Points
  • Reading and Thinking: Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
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Unit 5: Amazing Animals

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: Going to the Zoo
    • going to + place: We’re going to the zoo today.
    • going to + verb: We’re going to see the lions.6 Dinosaurs
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Amazing Facts About Animals
    • colossal squid, koala, cheetah, meerkat, Komodo dragon
    • It’s (the world’s largest) and (most dangerous) lizard.
    • It can (eat big animals like a water buffalo).
  • Writing and Presentation: My Favorite / Scariest Animal
    • Essay Writing: My Favorite / Scariest Animal
  • Reading and Thinking: The Amazing Story of the Wolf Girls
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Unit 6: Dinosaurs

  • Listening and Grammar: Song: My Favorite Dinosaurs
    • Prepositions of place: near, next to, in front of, behind, under, on, in
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Amazing Facts About Dinosaurs
    • This dinosaur was (the biggest meat-eating) dinosaur.
  • Writing and Presentation: Numbers and Very Big Numbers
    • Essay Writing: Big Numbers
  • Reading and Thinking: Finding Dinosaurs
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Review 2: Units 4-6

Unit 7: Sports

  • Listening and Grammar: Story: Why I Couldn’t Do My Homework
    • Conjunctions: and, but, if, so, or, because, although
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Extreme Sports
    • rock climbing, mountain biking, surfing, skateboarding
  • Writing and Presentation: Sports Adventure Report
    • My Most Exciting Sports Adventure!
  • Reading and Thinking: The (very) adventurous life of Chris Sharma
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Unit 8: Around the World

  • Listening and Grammar: Chant: What A Place!
    • Exclamations: What a (fantastic tower)!, What (huge diamonds)!
  • Speaking and Brainstorming: Awesome Natural Wonders
    • The world’s (tallest trees) are the (giant redwoods of California, USA).
  • Writing and Presentation: Postcards from Around the World
    • Write an Invitation Postcard
  • Reading and Thinking: The Father of Backpacking
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Review 3: Units 7-8

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Grammar Plus Units 1-8

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Spelling Power Units 1-8

We Can! 6 Word list

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