What Is Big 6 Astrology, And How Do You Find Yours?

What Is Big 6 Astrology, And How Do You Find Yours?

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and your promising sign are called your “Big 6” or “Big 3.” They are the most important planets in your birth chart.

In every birth chart, these planets and the rising sign work together to show how you show yourself. Each of these heavenly bodies has a different meaning, and when they’re combined with the zodiac signs, they make up your astrological compass (also known as your birth chart). This compass tells you how you’ll act based on each planet’s significance.

The rising sign isn’t a planet, but it’s in the sign that marks the beginning of your consciousness. This is why it’s there. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all symbols of different parts of your life, character, and even how you interact with others, and so are all of these things.

These planets are the nearest celestial bodies to Earth, so they tend to have a bigger effect on us than the outer planets. The Sun and Moon are the “mom and dad” of the sky. They work together to bring light down to earth, and they are the only planets that never go backward.

They also go backward from time to time, affecting how we communicate, connect with others, and assert ourselves. This is because they move in different directions, and the signs and houses in which they are placed in each person’s birth chart can also affect how they move in that direction.

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What does your birth chart’s big 6 mean?

So, how does the Big 6 show up in your birth chart?

The Sun’s sign

Your ego and vigor are symbolized by the Sun in your horoscope. The sign it’s placed next to can give clues about how you want to show off your personality.

When you observe your birth chart, the Sun’s sign and where it’s placed can show how you want to be known or recognized. It’s how you shine. Our sky’s light is the Sun. The celestial body illuminates every birth chart, making it easier for people to recognize and pay attention to the places where it is placed.

If you’re a Libra sun, you’ll be known for your desire to bring people together and how easy it is to meditate and keep things in balance and equilibrium.

The Moon’s sign

Your birth chart shows how you look for emotional security and comfort. The sign the moon is in shows how you go about getting that sense of safety and security, too.

It can be tough for people to see the moon in a chart because it doesn’t have any light, making it hard to express yourself. Your birth chart can also show how you want to be cared for and care for other people.

If your moon is in a sign or house that is associated with mothers, you can often get a sense of how you feel about maternal figures based on that sign or house. Moon sign: People with their moon in Taurus are more likely to look for emotional comfort in the world of things.

The Rising Sign

It doesn’t matter that your rising sign isn’t a celestial body because it marked when your soul came into your body. This produces one of the most important parts of a natal chart.

When you were born, the Zodiac sign on the east side of the sky was your rising sign. Every two hours, the rising sign in your chart changes, making it the most important part of your diagram (which is why it’s so important to know your birth time).

Rising signs showed when you were born, so they are always in the First House. It gives you a sense of how you naturally express yourself and how people might think of you.

The Sign of Mercury

Mercury is the planet that governs transmission and the mind, so you must pay attention to what Mercury is. Your birth chart shows how you talk and share your thoughts and ideas. Mercury is in the sign and house where you were born.

Mercury’s sign also tells you how you speak up for yourself and how you think about things. People with Mercury in Gemini are more likely to share information and seek mental stimulation. In contrast, people with Mercury in Scorpio are more likely to keep the information they learn to themselves and not portion it with anyone else.

Sign of Venus

Love, connection, and intimacy are all things Venus rules when it comes to a birth chart. When Venus is in a certain sign, it tells you how you express your desires and try to find happiness in your life. Many things happen in the House that Venus is in. These things can show which areas of your life are the most important to you and which fields of your life are the most important to you.

People with Venus in Sagittarius, for example, are looking for relationships that are free and spontaneous. People with Venus in Cancer, on the other hand, are looking for emotional security and comfort in their relationships.

Sign of Mars

Mars is the planet of fire in the universe, and it shows your drive, assertiveness, and how you show your passion. Mars is in the sign and house where you take action and start new things, and how you fight for what you want.

For example, people with Mars in Aries are more likely to speak up quickly and directly, while people with Mars in Taurus are more likely to speak up slowly and carefully. Mars’ place in your chart can also show how you deal with anger and how you show it.

Where Can You Look For Your Big 6?

There’s a place where you can enter your details and get a full report on how each of these planets shows up in your birth chart.

Please take a look at your birth chart, but don’t forget: It’s there to help you learn more about your natural behavior, not to tell you who you are or what you’re like.

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