Top Notch 2-Second Edition

Top Notch 2-Second Edition

Top Notch is essential for students of English as a Second Language (ESL). This program uses multiple exposures, structured intensive recycling of language, and can-do statements to make learning English fun and memorable. It focuses on cultural fluency so students can easily navigate social, travel, and business situations. It also teaches how to use expressions to express yourself. Here’s a Top Notch 2-Second Edition review of this program.

As a teacher, I appreciate that this book comes with a workbook. As a beginner, I need a workbook. I found the bright, colorful images and sub-headings to be easy to navigate. It’s very convenient to use, and it can be very helpful for a student. However, the book’s most important aspect is its content. As a student, you’ll be required to read the entire workbook.

As a teacher, I was impressed by the ease of use. It’s easy to flip through the pages and find the information you need. The sub-headings help you easily locate what you’re looking for. The workbook is also helpful for students who aren’t yet fluent in English. The workbook is very important to a beginner. The colors are bright, and the sections are easily categorized.

As a student, the workbook is very helpful. It contains a lot of colorful imagery and easy-to-understand sub-headings. As a teacher, you can also use the workbook to help you teach different concepts. But, for the beginner, it’s more helpful to purchase a separate workbook, which is a bonus. You’ll be able to teach more effectively if you know more about ESL and can adapt the lessons to your student’s level.

Top Notch 2 Audios by Units

Unit 1: Greetings and Small Talk

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Unit 2: Movies and Entertainment

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Unit 3: Staying in Hotels

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Unit 4: Cars and Driving

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Unit 5: Personal Care and Appearance

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Unit 6: Eating Well

Unit 7: About Personality

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Unit 8: The Arts

Unit 9: Living with Computers

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Unit 10: Ethics and Value

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