Oxford Phonics World 1-The Best Alphabets Handwriting

This can be a tough decision for you. Here in this article, we are going to help you for picking up the best book for your child.

Oxford Phonics World 1 is one of the best books that helps your children to take a safe step into the world of English. There are several remarkable tricks used in this book that can help your child to learn things fast.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of this book.

Oxford Phonics World 1-The Best Alphabets Handwriting

Makes learning easy

This Oxford book makes learning easy for children. Children can learn words and pronounce them quickly. The following tricks are used in this book to make learning easy:

Engaging activities

The book includes several engaging activities. Children can memorize all the English words easily. The thought-provoking activities make the children learn sounds in a fun way.

Following are some activities that are included in this book.

Activities of Letter formation

Activities that enforce the book lessons

Homework along with classwork activities

Letter cards to learn alphabet

Attractive format

Pictures along with the alphabet help children learn fast. This book includes beautiful and interesting pictures. In this way, children get attracted to this book. They pay attention and learn fast.

A report shows that the pictures put a remarkable image in the memory of children. The book has pictures of each alphabet. This makes the children’s memory more sharp and strong to learn things easily.

The easy way to phonics

Oxford Phonics World 1 provides the first step for children in learning English with sounds. The book provides step-by-step guidance for learning English sounds. As a parent, you should buy this book for a better English base for your children.

Record of lessons

The book includes a section for keeping a record of lessons. This section has a record of the sounds that have been learned and the sounds that are left. This can be much beneficial for not only for teachers to keep records but to parents as well.

Review Section

Proving itself the best phonics book, the Oxford Phonics World 1 contains a review section too. This section of the book keeps a record of students’ progress. It can be very fascinating for parents to know about their children.

Step-by-step English learning

The section named “Learn More” attracts the students to go further. In short, the book is full of learning material with full fun. This can be the best phonics book for your kids.

Final thoughts

According to a survey, Oxford Phonics World 1 is the best English learning book for children. The book includes several fascinating and attractive children for students that make them learn things fast.

There are several other versions of this book. If you want to have the best side book along with a main English learning book, you can go for this book. This book improves your children’s English learning skills.

There are several guidelines for teachers who teach this book. Teachers and parents should follow those guidelines and help the child to learn through a proper learning process.

You can order this book from our website. We will happy to deliver the best phonics learning book for your children. Then wait for nothing and order it right now in the comment section below or contact us from the Menu.

Hi. Cross fingers to young learners. Keep learning with fun!

Oxford Phonics World 1 Contents

Unit 1: Aa, Bb, Cc

Oxford Phonics World 1

Unit 2: Dd, Ee, Ff

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Review 1: Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff

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Unit 3: Gg, Hh, Ii

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Unit 4: Jj, Kk, Ll

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Review 2: Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll

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Unit 5: Mm, Nn, Oo

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Unit 6: Pp, Qq, Rr

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Review 3: Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Qq, Rr


Unit 7: Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv

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Unit 8: Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz

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Review 4: Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, yy, Zz

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